Project participants

SYDRO Consult GmbH

  • Independent consulting company with many years of experience in water management and environmental protection
  • Work with water associations, commercial enterprises, authorities, national and international organizations
  • Working on projects related to climate change and dry periods, among others
  • Project goal: Development of a tool for operational seasonal forecasting
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Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung (TFW)

  • Institution under public law with headquarters in Erfurt
  • Pilot region with multiple uses, management options through water infrastructure, agriculture (with irrigation), municipal water supply and nature conservation
  • Project objective: Optimization of supply reliability, conflict minimization through timely and rule-based contingency in dry seasons
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City Erfurt

  • Capital of Thuringia with rural surroundings: agriculture and extensive forest areas, water bodies characterizing the landscape
  • Location at the edge of the driest German area (long-term average 490 mm precipitation)
  • Project objective: Gain of knowledge in the timely recognition of water stress situations and early adoption of countermeasures
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